Crypto-Tools – Super fast Blockchain


Using Crypto Tools helps you build better BLOCKCHAIN solutions easier and faster
than ever before… Flexible and complete online solution development Tools

Blockchain Development

Faster and Easiest Than Even Before

Crypto-Tool focuses on end to end development and testing for your block chain development projects.

Arguably the best goto platform for repetitive deployment scenarios where confidence from the community is vital. Using Crypto-Tools community testing is encouraged with code separation and full feature testing dashboard.

How Crypto Tools Works

Simple code editing

Crypto-Tools code editing works right in the browser to increase ease of use for your developers

Code Separation

Enables and encouraging community testing by separating code level details for the tester.


Provides the ability to test simple read calls through to multi-call parametrized read-write calls.

On Chain

Deployed for testing to TestNets Rinkerby, Ropsten or Korvan and then for live deployment to MainNet

Safe and Secure

Enables and encouraging community testing by separating code level details for the tester.


Crypto-Tools makes all solidity compilers available and uses the very latest 1.0 beat web3.js library.

Training and Support

Available to train and support your team as needed

If you have a project then we can engage with the help of Crypto Tools at any level. want us to be your team… we can, want us to build to a team… we can, want us to train your existing team… we can

Blockchain Development

Better Than Ever Before

Developer/manager roles extend the standard testing role to provide comfort and confidence that the community users can fully engage in the testing process.

If you have a stylised repetitive development, deployment and testing cycle the Crypto-Tools is your must have solution.